About us

Welcome to Nu-Scripts. A "new" practitioner brand with a rich history of successful product formulations.

The passion for the practitioner's role in their patients’ health has never waned. The reality of what the practitioner is up against with online marketing goes way beyond the limited ability for the practitioner to properly care for his or her patients. There is a glaring reality of how the patient could go online and buy what they believed was an equivalent formula -only to report back that they had not gotten the results they had hoped for.

This was a problem long before the internet and unfortunately to this day there are formulations available on the internet that do not match their labels. How is a practitioner able to assure an outcome?

The team enters the marketplace with Nu-Scripts and will support their practitioners with formulations that will address the patient with a condition specific protocol and the outcomes that "correctly developed and manufactured" formulas can provide.