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Nu-Scripts™ Assist Formulations

Anxiety Assist™

Nu-Scripts Anxiety Assist™ supports healthy stress levels, enhanced mood, calming of overactive nerves, and relief of anxiety symptoms.

Brain Assist™

Nu-Scripts Brain Assist™ is designed to assist with cognitive function, mood enhancement and energy levels.

Cellular Assist™

Nu-Scripts™ brings a 43-amino acid polypeptide with research to show cellular support at an epigenetic level.

Gout Assist™

Nu-Scripts Gout Assist™ supports healthy Uric Acid levels, mobility and flexibility, and healthy kidney and liver functions.

Liver Assist™

Nu-Scripts Liver Assist™ supports healthy liver function, tissue elasticity, healing of damaged cells, and metabolic process.

Stress Assist™

Nu-Scripts™ now has a cognitive supportive formula enhanced with our Lunasin™ amino acid peptide that works at an epigenetic level to support multiple effects stress can have on our bodies.

Thyroid Assist™

Nu-Scripts Thyroid Assist™ supports thyroid function, thyroid hormone production, thyroid hormone metabolism, and thyroid hormone synthesis.

Adaptogen Assist™

Nu-Scripts brings you Adaptogen Assist™ a proprietary blend of natural adaptogens.